On June 2th and 3th, the 3rd International Conference was held (by the OIS (Oleocanthal International Society), in Ancient Olympia. The OIS conference took place in the International Olympic committee and some of the brightest minds in olive oil research, diet, gastronomy, and journalism were there, to present the latest discoveries and news.

Gastronomy was the major focus of the conference. Participants discussed about all important active components of olive oil with Oleocanthal on top of all. As a conclusion, Oleocanthal has a unique taste profile and requires very specific handling to create mouth watering recipes that maintain the superior health benefits of consuming oleocanthal rich extra virgin olive oil.

Oleocanthal is fast becoming the rising star of olive oil phenolic compounds and is attracting immense interest for the prevention or treatment of heart disease, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimer, cancer, skin and other diseases, etc.

The first OIS conference was held in 2015 in Zakynthos and the second one in Ubeda Spain. This years’ location of the conference has added significance due to 2016 being an Olympic year. Ancient Olympia is very symbolic and inspiring location, where some of the latest olive oil research, health and gastronomy were revealed. 


- Dan Flynn, University of California, Davis – Olive center

- Eric Tangalos, Professor, Mayo Clinic, USA

- Amal Kaddoumi, Professor, University of Louisiana, USA

- Stefanos Kales, Professor, Harvard, School of Public health

- Li Li Ji, Professor, University of Minnesota

- Douglas Mashek, Professor, Department of Food chemistry University of Minnesota

- Feliciano Priego-Capote, Associate professor, University of Cordova, Spain

- John Newman, UC Davis, USDA

- Mary Flynn, Professor, Brown University

- Mohamed, Bouaziz, Professor, University of Sfax,Tunisia

-- Sakis Gertsis, Professor, American farm school, Director - Olive Center.

- Jose Antonio Amerigo, Doctor, Malaga, Spain (President of OIS)

-Prokopios Magiatis, Associate Professor, University of Athens

-Eleni Melliou, University of Athens

 (source of info¨http://bestoliveoil.ca/